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Antisemitism- An Infectious Disease

by. Eli E. Lasch



 During the last two years three very significant events took place:

1. The Intifada,
2. The Conference against Racism in Durban,
3. September 11 act of terrorism.

All of these events share at least two characteristics-they are all basically irrational and all involve Moslems.

The Intifada started soon after Camp David, when Israel was ready to make more concessions than ever before.

The Conference in Durban was hijacked by Muslims who tried to change its original purpose into an irrational expression of hate against both Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. This can be seen as pure and unmitigated antisemitism of the worst kind- a new phenomenon even within the Arab world.


Finally, the terrorism in New York and  Washington-neither of which makes sense at all.This too is an expression of pure and extreme hatred against the U.S. and against Israel as well. This a a deed that no one has as yet taken responsibility for and everybody denies involvement. It seems as though there are tentacles of evil that have burst out of some dark and unknown place.

Only one thing is certain- the perpetrators seem to be Moslem : the so called Extreme or Radical Islamists also called Jihadists


Is there some underlying connection between these three events , are they just expressions of some basic profound hatred.


In thinking of all of this, I am constantly reminded of the ninteen thirties in Europe.


 I am now doing research about the possible causes of the Holocaust and about antisemitism as a phenomenon which has accompanied the Jewish people since antiquity. After much study and reflection, I have come to the conclusion that most of the explanations so often offered simply do not explain all of the facts. What other resons might apply that we have not taken into consideration? Some Jewish Mystics suggest that there exists deeper roots to this evil that has its origin in the occult-some form of Karmic powers that have existed since  ancient times.


Another way to look at this is from the medical point of view. Could it be that antisemitism can be seen as a disease caused by a kind of (mental ?) virus that is carried by mankind? Such a virus is most often quiescent, or at most endemic. But sometimes the environment is just right for it to change into an epidemic form and infect  many people. This is some form of virus which manifests itself through causing aggression, fear, and chaos and is directed primarily against people of Jewish origin. Such a virus causes people to behave in a paranoid and irrational way. This virus can also cause what in Germany is called "Judenhass"-- an irrational hatred of Jews.

In Arabic one can also hear it in the formula of "Itbach el Jahud"-- slaughter the Jews, wherever you find them. I have heard this with my own ears a few times. This is not an anti Israeli slogan, it states Slaughter the Jews, and not slaughter the Israelis.


Are there  possible connections between these three events and the Nazi movement of the 1930's?

The answer seems to me to be positive. In all of these three events the places that were attacked had large Jewish poulations.


It was after the WTC attack in New York that these ideas began to formulate in my mind.

There is one thing which the U.S. and Germany before 1933 have in common. They both had large Jewish populations which closely cooperated with many other nationalities to advance tolerance and enlightenment. To help people of all nations in their pursuit of freedom and justice.


If we go back to Germany, we just have to remember a few names which changed our world: Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Gustav Mahler, Max Reinhardt and many many more. All were assimilated Jews and all cooperated closely with their surrounding communities. Even the Foreign Minister of the Weimar Republic, Walter Rathenau, was Jewish.

This is also the case for America. It is New York that has the largest Jewish community that cooperates with its neighbors. Also it is a staunch supporter of the State of Israel.


This is also the basic aim of Israel, the only Democracy in the Arab Middle East. Israel is not only a democracy but has freedom of speech  even for its enemies. Israel is the only country in the region with an impartial judicial system, to which even the Palestinians have access. It is the only country that has a strong movement for human rights.


Are these not exactly the reasons that the Arab world is not ready to accept it?


However, the Arab world has never known the kind of eliminatory Antisemitism which was rife in Europe and reached its climax during the holocaust.This is a new development which mainly affects the islamic fundamentalists, the Islamists also known as Jihadists. Here too there exists a strong analogy with Nazi Germany, as most of them are well off and highly educated people, exactly like many of the most rabid followers of Adolf Hitler. The aroused masses  in the Arab World as well as in Palestine, are mainly rabble, camp followers, exactly like the S.A and SS thugs in Nazi Germany.

Bin Laden is a well educated multi-millioner and his teacher was Sheikh Dr. (!) Abdulla Azzam, the founder of the islamistic Hammas movement! So are his followers, people like the pediatrician, Dr.Abdel Aziz el Rantissi. 

So what happened? Could it be that during Worls War II  the disease called antisemitism reached a crisis and left the countries involved more or less immune?  This is something which we know from infectious diseases in the era before the advent of antibiotic. Is it not true that the official and widespread  antisemitism, which has existed for hundreds of years in the western world, has by now almost completely diappeared?   Could it  be that the Virus which was responsible for the National Socialism has by now infected the Moslem world, its carriers having been those people who, after world war II, have found refuge in those countries?

One has only to observe  the cartoons published in the muslim newspapers  – directly out of  the Stürmer, the official paper of Nazi Germany 

This would also show the Arab-Israeli conflict in a different light. The Problem would not be what Israel is doing or not doing, but the fact of its very existence. The fact that Arab Land is occupied by infidels. Palestine (and that includes Israel) by the Jews and Saudi Arabia by the Americans.

Our greatest mistake would be in hating those perpetrators of evil. It is as if , I as a medical doctor, would hate my patients who are sick.

But a cure may be painful, and from time to time you may need surgery.

The problem is not the Arabs as a people or the Islam . I was  their doctor for many years. It is the   Antisemitism and the virus causing it which are the danger and that is what has to be eradicated. Like any other form of pathogenic organism.


If the free world will not get rid of it now , we will all learn to regret it later. Lets remember that the present approach of those who fly the "Liberal" flag and are only looking for the enemy within  is considered by those people as a sign of weakness, exactly as Hitler did. Why did he so hate the Jews? Because they originated and furthered the idea of " Love they neighbor as thyself". In Hitlers eyes this was a typical Jewish sign of weakness. Let us also remember what it took to rid the world of Adolph Hitler and his consort.



The Author is a medical doctor who was for many years the director of a pediatric hospital in the Gaza strip..

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