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Das Licht kam über mich –

Mein Weg vom Schulmediziner zum Geistheiler

Eli Lasch (SMN)

Hans-Nietsch-Verlag, Freiburg, 1998,

235 pp. ISBN 3-929475-75-8


SMN members know Prof. Eli Lasch, MD, through three contributions to NETWORK  No 70, namely Eli’s own article on Cancer and Morphogenetic Fields and Diana Clift’s report on last year’s Continental Meeting at Potsdam where Eli had not only presented a talk on that same topic but had also held a memorable distant healing session for Ann Miller’s critically ill and unconscious nephew who subsequently made a remarkable recovery.

The story told in this book is a very personal one, dealing with a very sudden and profound transformation undergone by the author, what preceded it and what followed. A transformation triggered by a meeting in the Light with the living God.

The book starts out with the author telling the story of his  own encounter with the scourge of our time, cancer. Suddenly he, the healer, found himself in a situation in which major surgery and radiation were necessary He vividly describes his own fears and doubts and how he finally healed himself by evoking the healing powers of God‘s light and love, by applying to himself the methods he used on his patients:. Thrice daily he visualised a giant hand held over his tumor. Out of this hand streamed golden-white rays-filled with love into his ear, and after each session the area was red and hot as if on fire.After three weeks of intense work the tumor had completely disappeared. This happened in 1993 and it never came back. The divine light and love had however accomplished more than just healing the body, it had also healed the spirit, affirming once again that he, the author, was on the right path. It was another turning point in a lifestory rich with remarkable crises and transitions..

The author starts out with this story in order to show how easy it is even  after a transformative experience to slide back into disbelief , to fall out of grace. I, the reader, was reminded of the biblical story of the golden calf, the sliding back into paganism soon after the revelation on Mount Sinai. The author however also showed us how he succeeded in  overcoming this crisis and healing himself, how he found the way back- a lesson for all of us.

After this introduction the autor takes us back to the beginning of his journey. Born in Germany, to a „typical „German familyof the higher middle class he had no idea that he was Jewish and therefore did not belong. This was however made very clear to him when he was 6 years of age. Blond and fed on the Stürmer (the antisemitic newspaper pasted on every corner) little Erich (his name then)wanted like all other German children to wave a swastika flag during a parade of the Führer in his home town,Hamburg ,. To his greatest horror he was prevented from doing so by his german nanny who informed him, that this was not for him, that he was a Jew. A Jew, one of those figures lampooned in the Stürmer? This could not be the truth. But it was and his world, his identity, collapsed. Soon afterwards his family moved to Palestine where Eli (his new name) became an enthusiastic Israeli and after finishing school a successful commander of a small commando unit in the 1948 war for an independent Israel. After the war he studied medicine and became a paediatrician. He married an Israeli nurse and through her family, who had lived in Palestine for generations, became acquainted with a living, non-fanatic Jewish tradition of free and self-conscious men and women who had never been ashamed of their identity and their religion. The first transformation had been achieved - Erich Lasch became Eli

Eli had his first paranormal experiences while in the hospital..When he approached the cots of children who were in acute danger of dying he could often “see” the angel of death, a darkness hovering over the child. Once during night duty, resting half asleep in the hospital office, he felt that he was urgently called to a certain child. He got there just in time to save it. Above the child he saw a diffuse dark shape which he dissipated. Later he could very often save children by somehow turning up at their side just at the critical moment. The other doctors could never understand what was happening and started to eye him with suspicion.

When Eli finished his training the President of Israel was looking for a French speaking paediatrician and a nurse to send to Upper Volta (today’s Burkina Faso) as part of an Israeli aid program to that country. Eli, who had studied in the french speaking Lausanne, was given the task to organise a paediatric station in the central hospital of the country’s capital Ouagadougou. There he tried to fight against superstitions and introduce effective treatments for common diseases. He became a friend of the Minister of the Interior (considered to be the most powerful magician of that country) and of a later president of the country as well as the personal physician of the chief, the “emperor” of the country’s most important tribe. For the medical research done during this period he was internationally honoured with a fellowship in the Royal Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. In recognition of his accomplishments towards greatly lowering the infant death rate he became a Chevalier de l’Ordre National of his host coutry.In the villages he however remained known long after his departure as the Israeli magician.

Back in Israel after three years in Africa he was offered the position of assistent medical director of a large children’s ward and lecturer for tropical medicine at the University of Jerusalem. A research grant of the Humboldt Foundation allowed him to pursue a one-year medical research project in a Hamburg hospital. He thus returned to his hometown, but not as a former German Jew but as a honoured guest from Israel. His research on the cause of celiac disease indicated to him the connection between the psyche and the immune system, the field of research later to become known as psycho-neuro-immunology.

During his stay in Germany he was offered a full professorship with the position of a medical director of a major pediatric ward, but refused. He was now Eli whose future belonged to Israel. The year was 1970 and he was not ready to leave the country he had helped to build for a personal career in Germany, where the tragic history of his people was still very fresh He thus followed the call of his former superior in Israel to work, after the six-day war of 1967, in a clinic close to the Gaza strip, where he treated sick or wounded children of “friend” and “foe” alike. Next he accepted an offer to become director of a paediatric hospital in Gaza itself. During the Yom-Kippur war of 1973 he treated Arab children and instructed Arab doctors in dealing with mass casualties after bombings, then after the day’s work he returned home to an Israeli hospital to care in the evenings for wounded Israeli soldiers. Among the Palestinians he could practice everything he had learned in Africa, i.e. to try to introduce modern paediatrics within an environment of all sorts of archaic habits and superstitions. Gaza, with it’s many refugee camps, had one of the highest birth and infant death rates in the world; where one third of the children did not survive beyond the age of five. Within ten years Eli succeeded in lowering the infant mortality rate from 13 to less than 3 percent.  One of his achievements was the eradication of poliomyelitis in the Gaza strip by introducing the combined Salk and Sabin inoculation which was subsequently adopted internationally.

In 1975 Eli had suffered a heart attack which enveloped him into a black cloud out of which a bright light sent flashes and a face with glowing eyes seemed to burn him while a voice at his ear said: “If you still want to achieve something then you must do it now. Follow the right path!” He then had a clear vision of a beaming white hospital with harmonious nurses, flowers in the rooms and colourful pictures at the walls. This became the goal to be realised in the Gaza children’s hospital. For the first time he became conscious of his own mortality which enabled him to overcome the danger of becoming a cardiac invalid. This was another turning point in his life.

Again, as before in Upper Volta, Eli soon became known in Gaza as “Magic Fingers”, the doctor with the healing hands. Children sometimes recovered miraculously without treatment. Eli often knew the diagnosis immediately, before having it confirmed by the results of lab tests or x-rays. But at that time he interpreted all this as fruit of his long experience as a scientifically trained MD. Only years later did he realise that “healing power” and a sixth sense were involved. At that time he would have rejected such ideas as nonsense. Though he was the only who diagnosed his own brother as having cancer he rejected his sister-in-law’s suggestion to seek the help of a well known spiritual healer: “There is no such thing as spiritual healing!”  His brother’s death at the age of 58 started however a whole chain of events which ultimately culminated in his own transformation. As his brother was probably the person he had most loved, it was for him another brush with death. This was enforced by the fact that it occurred very soon after the end of the war in Lebanon in the years 1982-3. During this war he had been tormented by horrible fears for the life of his son who fought the Palestinians in Lebanon  while he himself was caring for their children. An Arab friend noticed this and invited him to pray with him for the safety of his son: the agnostic Israeli together with the believing Muslim. Later Eli learned that many of his Palestinian acquaintances had also prayed for his son: Palestinians praying for of an Israeli soldier at the front - an almost schizophrenic situation. Some months later the boy told him how he had  the only one to survive a practically hopeless situation, and it turned out to have happened exactly at the time of those prayers.  How did Jesus say: love thy enemy. Now he could understand the meaning of this saying.

And here we come close to the end of this part of his journey.

At a meeting of members of the kibbutz movement Eli gave a lecture on his engagement as an Israeli paediatrician for the Palestinians in the Gaza strip where he had introduced modern medicine into an area that was still on the medical level of the 19th century, where foes became friends, but where he met resistance from his own people because he saved enemies instead of letting them perish. His lecture met with an intense wave of applause - and his whole life changed. Suddenly, very suddenly, he became overwhelmed by a mystical experience of an infinitely bright but non-blinding light, of infinite love, bliss, peace, ecstasy, freedom and wholeness. He went into the light, into the Divine Presence, and was, like the apostle Paul, thrown within seconds from one reality into another. Up to that moment he had denied the existence of God. Now he knew, and understood what mystics have experienced throughout the ages and could not put into words. He was like a child born into a new world, stripped of all preconceived ideas and outdated beliefs. He was shown the hidden meaning of the bible, the meaning of religion as a reconnection with the origin and source. He began to see the connectedness of all life, and could understand the language of animals and birds. He could see chakras, auras and much more.  Even time became relative for him: Once he had a 2 pm appointment at a place two hours away by car, but his departure was delayed until 1.15 pm. He started to drive, and to his astonishment arrived at the agreed time.  He was 54 years old at that time.

Eli’s work for the Palestinian children made him politically suspect in the eyes of the Israeli establishment, and the change in his attitude towards life through his mystical experience made him a stranger for his colleagues and his wife and family. He also saw the intifada coming. He realized that his time in Gaza was over and in 1985 he left his position and home in search of a new mission in life. He studied alternate and esoteric methods of healing, the bible, the kabbalah, therapeutic touch, Silva Mind control, psychokinesis, cloud shifting, wind, rain or sunshine making. He could heal plants and see devas, plant spirits, and travel all over the world in his astral body to dissolve dark clouds of negative energies and of tensions. Later, when he was already in Berlin, during the Iraqi rocket bombardment of Israel, he saw his children there in great danger, saw himself, in Berlin, surrounded by craws, the birds of death, commanded them with an inner voice to disappear, then saw his distant children in safety. After a year spent in Findhorn where he wrote a book on the meaning of the bible, he opened a healing practice in Jaffa, Israel. During a visit to Glastonbury and Stonehenge he had amazing visions of ancient Atlantis, with a renewed strengthening of his clairvoyance abilities. This helped him to heal people, sometimes by revealing to them  the origins of somatic and psychic scars in previous lives

In 1989 an inner unrest lead him to follow an invitation by friends to Berlin. He realized that his time in Israel was over, that he still had unfinished business in Germany, the country of his birth. He thus decided to stay , becoming again Eli-Erich Lasch. He started to give seminars on esoteric topics, the bible and the Kabbala. During a visit to Hawaii he was introduced into the secrets of the healing priests, the Kahunas, who also confirmed his healing powers. Back in Berlin he opened a Kahuna Healing Centre. Thanks to publicity in newspapers and, after a lecture at the 1992 PSI Congress in Basel, in magazines, his centre became well known and much sought after. He was invited to demonstrate distant healing in popular TV programs with millions of viewers and with huge success. But his success brought him vicious attacks and slander from the medical profession as well as deception from dishonest operators. Today Eli is somewhat exhausted after years of confrontation with unfortunate patients for whom he was the last hope after everything else had failed, but exhausted too from constant confrontations with lawyers hired to stop his healing practice. He has decided to discontinue his somatic practice, to retire to Switzerland, to devote time to the study of an alternate theory of cancer (cf. his article in NETWORK 70), and to shift his energies from healing of the body to healing of the underlying spiritual poverty.

Onr question remains open: why was Eli always compelled to heal his enemies? First the Palestinians, who wanted above all to destroy his new homeland, Israel, and later on the Germans, whom he grew up hating. Or is this exactly the lesson to be found in this fascinating biography?

Needless to say, myself, my wife and friends, to whom we have given Eli’s book, we all ‘swallowed’ it in one go. If you read German you will greatly enjoy and benefit from it..


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